Membership/Subscription Management – deprecated

Have a membership or subscription base that is getting difficult to manage? Need the membership or subscriptions managed from within NetSuite? Do you need to be able to bill your membership/subscriptions on various recurring schedules and want that billing to occur in NetSuite? Has NetSuite offered you a solution that is just too cost prohibitive? We have a solution for your business! We can implement in your NetSuite account a solution that will allow you to manage your membership or customer subscriptions right in NetSuite. You will be able to manage multiple recurring billing schedules. You will be able to have NetSuite automatically invoice your member, or automatically charge a credit card on file the night their membership is due. You will be able to run reports from within NetSuite that shows you exactly how your membership or subscriptions are performing. You will be able to track credit card failures and set the system to perform auto retries to maximize collection. If this sounds like a solution your business needs, then don’t hesitate to email or call. SummitIT is here to help!