NetSuite SuiteWorld 2018: Label Print Connector – New Release

SummitIT is very excited to be unveiling a major new release of its Label Print Connector software for NetSuite at SuiteWorld 2018! Stop by booth 944 for a demo of the impressive new functionality, featuring cloudPrint. The Cloud print will allow the printing of labels without the need for user-based interaction. We look forward to

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SuiteWorld 2016

SummitIT had a great week at SuiteWorld 2016.  The Label Printer Connector debuted to an enthusiastic reception by those with label printing needs. SummitIT’s co-founder, Steve, played a key role on the team “The Original Timesheets,” which won the hackathon4good.

SummitIT releases Zebra Printer Bundle

In November 2014, SummitIT released a bundle that enables printing to zebra bar code printers from NetSuite. The new interface allows selection of templates written in ZPL II format for different label sizes and different printers. The interface prefills the quantity of labels to print, the item number, the price, and the display name, and

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SummitIT releases Furniture Industry SIF File mapping Bundle

In March 2014, SummitIT released a NetSuite Bundle that enables mapping of SIF interface files for import to and export from the NetSuite System.  The bundle allows for mapping of Teknion CET Storyboard files, ProjectSpec files by ProjectMatrix, and 20-20 Technology’s Cap Studio files. The SIF File mapping system can import files into NetSuite and assemble

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SummitIT releases Dynamic Scheduling System

In February 2014, SummitIT released a NetSuite Bundle that builds a dynamic graphical scheduling system. The system allows scheduling of time slots for different instructors and allows for tiered compensation for those instructors. The graphical user interface allows mouse-click scheduling of customers in time slots and drag-and-drop functionality to move reservations. Reservations are color-coded to

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SummitIT releases Shopify Integration

In January, 2014, SummitIT released a NetSuite Bundle that integrates NetSuite functionality and Shopify processing.  The Shopify integration bundle synchronizes data between Shopify websites and NetSuite, including sales orders, customers, fulfillments, and item inventory. Through Summit IT’s innovation, NetSuite is able to import new sales orders and customer data originally created in Shopify.  Upon import

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SummitIT releases Shipwire Integration

In December, 2013, SummitIT released a NetSuite Bundle that integrates NetSuite functionality and Shipwire processing. The Shipwire integration passes order information to and retrieves order fulfillment information from the Shipwire application.  As part of the bundle, new functionality on NetSuite enables clients to enter orders and indicate they be fulfilled through Shipwire, to request immediate transmission

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SummitIT releases new website

Jeff Robel (Founder & Principal Problem Solver) of SummitIT announces the release on SummitIT’s new website.  We are pleased with this new version of our website. We made the decision to switch to WordPress for easy site maintenance and additional features out of the box.  We could not be happier with the decision.  Two major

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SummitIT unveils its new Logo

SummitIT is pleased to announce it’s new logo.  The logo encapsulates the idea of seeing and reaching the summit.  The mountain logo is inspired by Pagosa Peak, a prominent Mountain in the Pagosa Springs area of Colorado.