About Us

SummitIT provides NetSuite Custom Solutions and Managed cloud-based services. As a NetSuite SDN Partner, we focus on enhancing the NetSuite Cloud Platform. We provide custom features such as Membership/Subscription Management, Event/Class Management, and Dynamic Kits. We also work with Businesses to develop customer specific custom solutions for their NetSuite account. Our goal at SummitIT is to fill the gaps between what NetSuite provides and what your Business needs to be successful.
SummitIT was Founded by Jeff Robel and Steve Scheppelman. Combined we have over 30 years experience in the Information Technology Industry. We assist in all types of NetSuite Implementations. From start-ups implementing their first technology solutions to established businesses migrating from existing CRM/ERP systems, we understand the complexities of running your business and have the experience needed to provide you with cost effective solutions.
If you require customization to tailor NetSuite to your Business, we can develop a solution for your business needs. Don’t hesitate to email or call; SummitIT is here to help!