SummitIT Releases a NetSuite Suitescript 2.x API set for its Label Print Connector

SummitIT releases a SuiteScript 2.x API library and documentation for its popular Label Print Connector bundle for NetSuite. If you have the need to script automated document printing (whether labels or pdf documents) from your NetSuite account, you can now utilize the SummitIT Label Print Connector APIs to accomplish your cloud print tasks. This Suitescript 2.x API set is included with the SummitIT Label Print Connector bundle for NetSuite. Here is an example of some of the functionality included in the API set.

    • Print Sales Orders
    • Print Labels
    • Print Pick Tickets
    • Print Pack Slips
    • Print Invoices
    • Print Work Order Bill of Materials
    • Print Customer Statements
    • Print Custom documents
    • Print PDFs stored in you NetSuite File Cabinet

If you would like a demo of this functionality, please Contact us. We would love to show you what our solution can do for your business.