SummitIT releases Furniture Industry SIF File mapping Bundle

In March 2014, SummitIT released a NetSuite Bundle that enables mapping of SIF interface files for import to and export from the NetSuite System.  The bundle allows for mapping of Teknion CET Storyboard files, ProjectSpec files by ProjectMatrix, and 20-20 Technology’s Cap Studio files. The SIF File mapping system can import files into NetSuite and assemble them into sales orders or estimates, and it can create and export files originating from purchase orders on NetSuite.  SummitIT’s SIF File mapping system allows custom mapping of virtually any other industry file layout or custom file layout. With the SIF File mapping bundle, the creation of estimates and sales orders can be done in seconds removing human data entry errors from the process.  For large proposals, this can save hours of work per proposal.  The system also supports the creation of Teknion SIF Files for export from the NetSuite Purchase Order form.  This SIF file can be file uploaded directly into Teknion’s system.  Once again reducing data entry and saving hours of work.