SummitIT releases Shopify Integration

In January, 2014, SummitIT released a NetSuite Bundle that integrates NetSuite functionality and Shopify processing.  The Shopify integration bundle synchronizes data between Shopify websites and NetSuite, including sales orders, customers, fulfillments, and item inventory. Through Summit IT’s innovation, NetSuite is able to import new sales orders and customer data originally created in Shopify.  Upon import of the Shopify orders, NetSuite creates matching sales orders that can be referenced back to the Shopify site using the Shopify Order Number. In addition to importing sales orders, NetSuite can keep customer data up to date.  If a customer changes contact information in Shopify, it will be updated in NetSuite automatically. This update will include customers who have created accounts but have not placed any orders. The Summit IT Shopify Integration is built so it can be used with the Summit IT Shipwire Integration and in conjunction with the Shipwire App that is available from Shopify.  If the Shopify Integration is used in this manner, Shipwire information is automatically included on orders originating from Shopify.